Europa zwemt in het geld, maar beseft het niet

De EU is geen vredesproject

‘Europa heeft zeker 200 miljoen immigranten nodig’

Poetin valt genadeloos onze zwakke plekken aan

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Away with those coins and banknotes

Let’s cancel cash. You make life more difficult for criminals if they can no longer hide behind banknotes anonymously. But more importantly, it is much easier for banks to treat their customers with negative interest rates. No longer could savers claim their money and keep it in paper form under their mattress to avoid losses.

euro's2Negative interest rates may sound strange to savers, but let’s not forget that the banks themselves still have to pay 0.4% interest to the ECB if they want to store excess cash in Frankfurt. And investors also still give in when they entrust their money up to five years to the Dutch State. So why should savers gain even a little bit while they park their money at the bank – completely risk-free? Lees verder

Belastingverlaging is goed, investeren is beter

Naar een Europese republiek